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Dịch vụ xuất bản sách Hoàng Gia – Chúng tôi ở đây để giúp bạn xuất bản sách thành công

Royal Book Publishing Service – We are here to help you publish your book successfully


Are you looking for book publishing services to help you publish your book successfully. At Royal Books, we provide an effective solution to help you publish your book successfully through the Royal Book Publishing Service.


Hoang Gia is the number 1 enterprise in the field of providing book publishing service solutions since the days when the market did not know this field. Royal Book Publishing Service was born based on the enthusiasm of the generation of Royal Business Leaders – especially under the guidance and mentoring from Royal Advisors – Export Service Royal book version has been perfected and improved during more than 7 years of its birth. The first generation was built from Author - Advisor Tran Trung Kien, there have been significant changes over the years that have made the Royal Book Publishing Service more and more improved and perfected for the right purpose – and the goals of customers, markets, communities and society more.


+ Traditional book publishing model is extremely difficult – Royal Book Publishing Service allows you to publish books easily


Book publishing is a closed and secret business, it is not revealed to many people and that is the picture inside the stage – where very few people know about. However, with the strong development of people and the increasing expansion of exchanges and applications of books in real life - not only reading books but also providing solutions to solve problems through reading. books - have helped Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneurs to increase income - develop Marketing - promote Brands and thereby promote personal and business success more quickly, Hoang Gia (Royal Books) has released The Royal Book Publishing Service solution meets the needs and aspirations of those who want to publish books – and understanding this field can help them achieve their dreams and succeed as quickly as possible. how. With the traditional book publishing model, you will go through many stages – time consuming and especially not sure if your book will be published or not? But with Royal Book Publishing Service – we provide an effective, simple, easy solution and help you publish your book successfully.


The traditional book publishing model is extremely difficult – secret – time consuming – goes through many stages and most of them do not speed you up to your dream – achieving business or commercial benefits exactly as expected. Royal Book Publishing service gives you the opportunity to publish your book easily - efficiently - saving time - going through as few stages as possible and most of them are efficient activities that help you increase your profits. Accelerate to your dream and use the book as a marketing tool - business - increase income effectively as expected.


+ Regular book publishing service was born after Hoang Gia - Royal Book Publishing Service is the first and only in the world to help Authors self-publish books in Vietnam


Going back to the history in Vietnam in the field of shifting from the traditional book publishing model to the modern publishing model (self-publishing), the Royal Book Publishing Service - built by Advisor Tran Trung Kien - was born in the 2010s – when the market did not know about the field of Modern Book Publishing (ie Self-Publishing Model). At that time, most of the book publishing - book publishing businesses were falling into a recession due to the decline of reading culture. Author Tran Trung Kien appeared at that time (more than a decade ago) and realized the potential as well as the big picture of the book publishing industry - book publishing can be changed from the generation of Authors - those who It is better to produce a book than to develop a Reading Culture – but few people are involved. The Royal Book Publishing Service was also built at that time – in the role of Author Tran Trung Kien as an Advisor. Therefore, it can be said that Royal Book Publishing Service (Royal Book Publishing Process) is the first modern book publishing service in Vietnam that was born - developed - innovated and improved until today. now (more than a decade ago).


During that period, Hoang Gia has helped more than 250 Authors publish books successfully with more than 250,000 books published and that means the valuable experience and potential accumulated by Royal with the Process – The Royal Book Publishing Service is extremely large – able to meet the wishes as well as most of the wishes – goals and objectives of customers.


Contact details "Royal Book Publishing Service"

+ Author - Advisor Tran Trung Kien

+ Email:

+ Phone number: 0902467524 (Zalo phone number)


+ Office address: Hoang Gia Book Company – HM Building, 412 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 6, District 3, City. Ho Chi Minh



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